In the News


Advocated for an unpopular position to fund a $241MM modernization of the Hoboken High School, co-authoring an open letter with 39 signatories.

Jan 2022

Broaden Horizons

Scholar for 2023-24 Class in a high selective program (14% acceptance rate) with participation in a research project during the school year, and weekend meetings and conferences with NJ's STEM thought leaders in academia, government and industry.

Sept 2023


Hoboken has been an amazing turnaround team after no wins this spring season and just one win in the 2019-20 full season to playing for the Sectional Group 1 championship this Fall.

Nov 2021

Striving for Excellence

2nd Place Winner in the Physics Olympiad based attracting 1,012 participants from nearly every state

Jun 2021

Striving for Excellence

Scoring perfect '5' in all APs completed: Biology, Macroeconomics, Seminar, World History

July 2023


The Redwings blew out Bayonne tonight and improved their record to 10-1 overall. But the great thing to see is the interest in the program from the students as the roster continues to grow as the teams success gets better and better.

Oct 2023